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Does your sports knowledge need a little boost? Elliot and his guest co-hosts tackle the major sports stories of the week from the Midwestern perspective.

Premiered: Feb. 10, 2009
Total Episodes: 6

SWP Radio - Enhanced

The Bois

The Bois investigate the phenomenon of The Straight Lifestyle by interviewing college aged guys and girls of varying sexual experience. Guests discuss their sexual beliefs, practices and orientation.

Premiered: Feb. 2, 2009
Total Episodes: 36

SWP Radio - The Bois

No Relation

No Relation provides a dose of no-nonsense opinion and editorial. The show takes on the issues of the day, mass media, pop culture and the trials and tribulations of being a college graduate in a college town.

Premiered: Dec. 18, 2009
Total Episodes: 8

SWP Radio - No Relation

Psych It To Me!

For more than 25 years, Dr. Rick Winer has practiced psychiatry in the Atlanta area. Now he's here to answer your questions about psychiatric conditions: the diagnoses, treatments and myths.

Premiered: Jun. 23, 2009
Total Episodes: 4

SWP Radio - Psych It To Me!

Smokey and the Bear

Smokey and the Bear explores life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through eyes of two twentysomethings. Scott and Rowdy have very different views on a variety of topics and are more than willing to share their differences.

Premiered: Jan. 30, 2009
Total Episodes: 33

SWP Radio - Smokey and the Bear

The Oread Express

The Oread Express returned in 2009 after a two-year hiatus. KU alums Scott Winer and Fred Davis discuss Kansas Jayhawk sports from from Lawrence, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri, respectively. They may be fans, but that doesn't stop them from saying what they really think.

Premiered: Mar. 27, 2007
Total Episodes: 8

SWP Radio - The Oread Express

Recent Episodes

No Relation #005

Scott Winer, Chris Childs and Laz Abalos review television coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the ethics of using EVS in a live show and Super Bowl XLIV.

No Relation #004

CBS Sports director Robert Fishman shares insights into sports television, broadcast technology, game preparation and his many experiences directing the Men's Final Four, NFL, U.S. Open Tennis and Daytona 500.

Psych It To Me! #4

ADHD in a new year and new semester

The Bois #33

Scottie and Toddie discuss cybersex, cheating and children with an engaged str8 couple.

The Bois #32

Scottie and Toddie talk to a 25-year-old hetero about friends with benefits and spring break hookups.

The Bois #31

Scottie and Toddie encounter Bryan, a 21-year-old narcissist with homophobic tendencies.

Smokey and the Bear #32

Scott and Rowdy discuss whether Bill Self and Lorne Michaels are losing control of their programs, David Letterman's extortion scandal and what constitutes obscenity in the media.

The Bois #30

Scottie and Toddie talk to a 21-year-old girl about satisfying her sexual needs, what str8 guys do wrong during sex and being mistaken for a lesbian.

Smokey and the Bear #31

Scott and Rowdy talk Georgia floods, KU fights and Lawrence's recent sex crime outbreak.

The Bois #29

Scottie and Toddie chat with 22-year-old Joel about early sexual experiences, "str8" boi hookups and getting caught in the act.

Smokey and the Bear #30

Scott and Rowdy reflect on their first 30 shows, the Lawrence Twestival and upcoming changes to KU's Memorial Stadium.

The Bois #28

Scottie and Toddie discuss sexual convenience, crazy threesomes and str8 bois in denial with a 21-year-old gay.