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About SWP Radio

Launched in 2007, SWP Radio was an informal outlet to explore audio programming and test methods of content delivery across various platforms.

We recorded our first podcast in 2007 with "The Oread Express," a show devoted to the discussion of sports and other timely topics, hosted by Scott Winer and Fred Davis, then a reporter for The Topeka Capital-Journal. The experimental first run lasted the final six weeks before summer.

After scheduling conflicts postponed SWP Radio's return the following fall, academic obligations and the SWP sketch comedy pilot, Mildly Off the Wall, further delayed new podcasts through the fall of 2008.

By early 2009, Winer recruited the several writers, cast and crew from Mildly Off the Wall to develop a series of new and experimental shows, including "The Bois," "Smokey and the Bear," "Enhanced" and "2 Dudez Chillin'." In all, SWP Radio produced nearly 70 episodes by year's end, including a summer revival of "The Oread Express" and launch of the new mental health podcast, "Psych It To Me!"

We upgraded our Lawrence studio in late 2009, using the new setup to produce 11 episodes of the local tech podcast, "58% Geek," and to debut "No Relation," a talk show that had a preliminary five-episode run during the winter.

SWP Radio concluded production of all shows on August 31, 2010. Many of our hosts have gone on to careers in television, radio and print media, covering news, sports and entertainment.
SWP Radio
March 27, 2007

Lawrence, Kasnas Credits

Lead Developer:
Scott A. Winer

Lead Designer:
Todd Pickrell

Design Consultant:
Jordan Jacobson